Mohson Stars | Love Trails Mix #1

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When was your last run and where did you go?

My last run was Saturday 13th June 9:30am.  Charlie Dark Founder of Run Dem Crew asked me if I was keen for a virtual relay and I said yes. Lesson learned ask a few more questions before the yes comes. It was all blessed, the challenge was a 100 mile relay in teams of 6 raisin money for charity, our cause being Black Minds Matter. The beautiful team consisted of captain Tony Riddle aka @thenatuallifestylist, @adrienne_ldn, @richienorton_ & @thehappytear. This was a fun challenge for fun and charity no time or speed considered. My leg consisted on 17 miles, I was the 3rd leg and I chose Victoria Park. I did the 1st half around the running track which was super fun with the sun out in full force. I had no pace expectation just to run on heart rate and to enjoy the miles, the laps and the great weather. Afer 8 miles I had 9 miles left and turned off the track did loops of the park, it was beautiful to see families out,  dogs running free, other runners, roller bladers & cyclists zooming past. Parks are super fun and a real centerpiece to communities.  I have lived near victoria park for 16 years so it feels like home.

What excites you?

Life excites me, fresh air excites, moving and movement excites me from walking, running,  circuits, walking barefoot excites me. Music is a big part of my life it always has been and it always will be. I am enjoying fun tropical, fun, and humoursome music that changes frequencies and my energy. A few artists I have been enjoying Mike Huckaby, Andrew Weatherall, Derek Carr,  North-South Records, Subsequent &  many more. Justice, honesty, truth, and the energy towards positive causes and matters excites me also including peaceful protest.

Where or when are you happiest?

I am happiest distinctly in a few situations including when I am with family, with my mother, sisters and nieces, and nephews. To spend quality time is great and as I get older it becomes more important. When I play records at home alone, when i find my groove and slowly start to unravel my thoughts, feelings and experiences through the music. Music is my medicine and a language to explore the spirit and soul.I enjoy putting in work and the work comes through in the music. More recently since 2012 running makes me very happy, all the different settings, the 7am run in summer and winter before work, the Sunday long run ritual, run dem crew tuesdays, Thursdays at Mile End stadium. I will always return from a run with new ideas, creativity, a fresh perspective and a big smile.

How did you first get involved with Love Trails Festival?

Love Trails came onto my radar from Charlie the captain of Run Dem Crew who asked if i would be up for djing in the Run Dem Crew takeover Block Party and I said yes. A brief phone catchup with founder Theo made me understand the vibe and energy of the festival and I was on board, full support and I was in.

What's your favorite Love Trails memory?

My fave memory would be the Block Party Shutdown from warming up for DJ Luck & MC Neat. The crowd, the energy, seeing everyone out in the crowd, seeing all the smiley faces and good vibes. It was a blast, one for the memory books and something I look forward to.

Your favorite set or live act you've seen at Love Trails?

Charlie Dark did a live set of modular abstract sounds which was pretty special, considered, authentic, warm, and spacey. Fully bespoke and a fond memory. Luck & Neat are a super slick outfit and they worked the crowd to a T, great set also. Do you run listening to music? I do run to music, podcasts, and also without. IT really depends on the space snd time needed, I run 50% of the time with music, new music, new mixes I record and also a roster of podcasts including Runners World, Lets GEt Running, Marathon Talk, Chuckie Online, Laid Bare, The Receipts, Evossi Explore, Joe Rogan The Science Of Support, Off The Cuff and many many more.

What can we expect from your Love Trails mix?

The LT Mix is a high energy and fun work out music designed for a festival, vibey, quick mixes, tight transitions and lots of vocals, expect 80s, disco, italo, soul, funk, club tropicano, baeleric tones, a cheeky Gabrielle garage number & we finish with some Childish Gambino, funk flavour for those Love Trails anywhere. Lockdown is hard and challenging. The aim of the music was to inspire and transport listeners away from the now to a fantasy island holiday called Love Trails Hotel.

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