Postponement of Love Trails Festival 2021 & FAQs

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Dear friends of Love Trails,

Despite our best efforts to make it work, today we are sad to announce that Love Trails Festival will not be going ahead this year after all. We are heartbroken and absolutely gutted. We tried to hold out as long we could. And until very recently we were filled with hope about the 2021 edition. But a number of things out of our control have conspired in recent days that simply make it impossible and we have therefore taken a decision we believe is best for our community and customers.

In a nutshell, we have taken this decision because:

INSURANCE: There is not adequate cancellation insurance available, meaning we can’t continue without risking the very future of Love Trails Festival

REGULATIONS: It is still unclear what testing processes, tracing & social distancing we would need to implement and at what cost this would be to us and our customers

EXPERIENCE: We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible Love Trails experiences and intuitively feel, with social distancing requirements likely to remain in place in Wales, this may not be possible this year. We do not want to let you down

RESPONSIBILITY: With the information we have available to us today, we can’t hand on heart say that it’s likely we will be allowed to go ahead by Welsh Government in July. Now is the time to act on that, communicate with everyone that’s invested in Love Trails by buying tickets, and start planning for an incredible return to the Gower in July 2022

To give you more detail on each part above:
Despite months of lobbying efforts, the government has not moved to create a government backed insurance scheme for events. Without adequate cancellation insurance in place, the risk of a last minute delay to the roadmap or a last minute decision from the local licensing authorities that would force us to cancel is just too high. It is now clear to us that even if such a government backed insurance scheme were to be announced tomorrow, by the time it was up and running it would be too late to be taken advantage of for our event.

But it’s not just that. A mix of other factors, from uncertainty over the introduction of vaccine passports, unknown social distancing requirements in July in Wales, risks around liability insurance, vaccine roll-out delays plus no firm dates in the Welsh Government roadmap to guide us, mean we are left with little choice but to do what we believe is the responsible thing and start planning for 2022.

We looked at moving to September but having surveyed a small group of you, most of you said you wouldn’t be able to make it given all the races postponed from last year. We think that more of you would prefer us to move the festival to next July, and deliver the full Love Trails Festival experience with no compromises, so that’s what we are going to do.

It’s not all bad news...when life gives you lemons…

With more than a year to plan and organise next year’s festival, you can be sure that it’ll blow your running socks off. We’re going to pull out all the stops to deliver an incredible, life changing 4-days packed with creative & mind blowing trail running, adventure & music experiences.

We have lots of exciting events and initiatives in covid safe formats to tell you all about tomorrow across our social media accounts so keep an eye out for that. :)

If you are a ticket holder, you can request a refund, or roll your ticket over to 2022. Ticket holders have received an email outlining all the options available which we have worked really hard to be able to offer, learning from last year.

Thanks for your support during this difficult time.

We can’t wait to run and party with you in the Gower, with no restrictions at all, next July.

Theo and the Love Trails team.

p.s Please scroll below for any questions around the festival, tickets, and refunds. If your question isn't answered, please email and we'd be happy to help.


When will Love Trails Festival take place next year?

Love Trails Festival will take place from 30th June - 3rd July 2022 at Weobley Castle in the Gower Peninsular.

Why do you need Government-backed insurance to run Love Trails Festival?

Without adequate cancellation in place, the risk of ploughing on ahead with plans for July is just too high. We aren’t able to risk any more of our customers' money organising and building Love Trails Festival, for it to be cancelled at the last minute or with just a few weeks to go. We’ve held on for as long as we can but now, with a little over two months before the live event, we aren’t able to proceed any further or hold out any longer without a decision either way.

Will Love Trails Festival be planning on doing anything else this summer that we can get involved with?

Absolutely. Although we are incredibly sad not to be running our flagship event this July, we are incredibly excited and motivated to bring many other opportunities to be part of our community and brand. Watch this space.


I was going to be run leading! What happens to my deposit/ticket?

Thanks for sticking with us run leader team and for your patience. If you have paid a run leader ticket deposit you can either request a refund, or you can roll your deposit over to 2022. Just let us know what you’d like to do by Friday 14th May. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll automatically shift your run leader deposit to 2022, guaranteeing your place on the team, and we’ll look forward to running and partying with you next July! Please email stating whether you would like a refund, or would like to roll over your deposit to 2022.

I was going to be performing/speaking/playing at Love Trails Festival, will I be invited to the 2022 festival?

If you were booked to take part in the 2021 festival, you’ll be contacted (if you haven’t already been) by our team with an invite to take part in 2022. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch please email us at

I am a competition winner, will my ticket be rolled over?

If you won a ticket(s) to Love Trails Festival 2020 or 2021, your ticket will automatically be valid for next year’s 2022 festival. No further action is required on your part.

Can I swap my Love Trails Festival ticket for a Camp Love Trails ticket?

Camp Love Trails is a brand new and separate offering to Love Trails Festival and as such, needs to generate its own income and pay its own costs. We do have a super limited allocation of transferable places for Camp Love Trails. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Can I swap my Love Trails Festival ticket for any other Love Trails event - On Tour, On Venture by Love Trails, Átjan Wild Islands?

No, whilst you can expect the same unique and special ‘Love Trails’ offering across all our events, all other Love Trails branded events are completely separate from Love Trails Festival. For these events to be successful, they need to be treated independently regarding sales revenue and costs.

I can’t attend Love Trails Festival 2022, but my friend would like to attend instead. Is it possible to sell my ticket to them?

Yes - Selling your ticket to someone else is straightforward. Firstly, ensure that the booking is paid for in full. Next, make sure the person you’re selling to has an Easol account setup - Lastly, email us at so we can move the booking over.

I have a 10 person or 20 person group ticket. Not all people in my group can make the new 2022 festival date. Can I have a refund for those that can’t attend?

Yes, this year we are making it possible to accommodate partial refunds of a group ticket if not everyone from your original group can attend the new date. Drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

I previously deferred my ticket to 2022 but have now seen you’re offering some amazing incentives to current ticket holders to do the same. Can I get in on this?!

Yes! All customers with a deferred 2022 ticket will be emailed access to the Love Trails Collective plus information on any other relevant incentives


Is my 2020 or 2021 ticket valid for the 2022 event?

Yes, all current tickets will be rolled over and will be valid for the 2022 event. No further action is required on your part.

Are the added extras, like shower passes, car park tickets, Bell Tent accommodation or campervan places carried over for 2022?

Yes, all added extras will be carried over to the 2022 event. No further action is required on your part.

I have a balance to pay on my booking, if I roll my ticket over to 2022 when will this be due for payment?

In order to secure your place at Love Trails Festival 2022, any outstanding ticket balances will need to be settled by the current due date. You can check your balance deadline on your Easol account. If you are having any difficulties with this please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

I’d like to roll my booking over to 2022 but, due to a change in my situation, I would need a bell tent. When will these be available and can you guarantee availability?

Once the roll over and cancellation process has been completed we will review the bell tent capacity for 2022 and release all remaining bell tents for sale. To get on the waiting list for a Bell Tent for next year’s festival, please drop us an email us at

I’d like to roll my booking over to 2022 but, due to a change in my situation, I would need a camper van pass. When will these be available and can you guarantee availability?

Once the roll over and cancellation process has been completed we will review the camper van capacity for 2022 and release all remaining spaces for sale. To get on the waiting list for a Campervan spot for next year’s festival, please drop us an email us at

Is my 2020 or 2021 bell tent booking valid for the 2022 event?

Yes, all bell tent bookings will automatically roll over to Love Trails Festival 2022. No further action is required on your part.


How do I get a refund?

The refund process will open for 15 days from 29th April 2021. Ticket holders will be notified by email and provided with access to apply for a refund online.

If you have not received an email from us by the end of the day on 29th April, please firstly check your spam folder. If that is empty please login to your Easol account and check your email address is correct. If you can’t find your email from us, please email so that we can look into this for you.

What information do I need to apply for a refund?

In order to complete the refund application you will need the full name and email address of the lead booker and the seven character reference number. Please double check this information before completing your online refund application.

What is the deadline for applying for a refund?

The deadline for applying for a refund is midnight on Friday 14th May 2021. After this date the refund application process will close. All remaining tickets will be automatically rolled over to the 2022 festival. Please note that Early Release tickets to next year’s festival will start at £164/pp and go up from there.

When will I receive the money from my ticket refund?

We are aiming for all customers to receive refunds by Thursday 10th June 2021.

I have not received my refund?

If you’re still within the 28 day time period, please hold on. Your refund is likely still on its way to you. If you still haven’t received your refund by Thursday 10th June 2021, please contact

I bought a ticket from someone else for the 2021 festival. How do I get a refund?

For banking security reasons, only the original payment card can receive the refund. Please liaise with the person you purchased a ticket from to arrange this between you.

I deferred my ticket to 2022 previously, but I now see you’re offering refunds. Can I change my mind?

Yes, if you no longer want to attend Love Trails Festival 2022 you can apply for a refund. Customers with a deferred 2022 ticket will receive an email outlining all the options.

Can I receive a refund for my bell tent booking?
Yes, all bell tent bookings are refundable. Please email Easol Support at to request a refund